Join the Women in Games Jam 2020

A global jam to celebrate the Women in Games conference 2020. Learn development skills and join a supportive community of diverse game makers. Sponsored by Sledgehammer Games and Into Games.

September 7th - September 12th

Join Into Games and Women in Games for a new Side Quest game jam. The one week jam will feature live-streams with industry professionals to help you along your gamemaking journey.

The theme of this jam is 'Mother', something seldom explored in mainstream games. What does it mean to be a mother? How do you interpret the role between a mother and child, or perhaps mother earth and nature? You might explore a relationship you’ve had with a maternal figure, or how mothers have a unique power to create life – what might that mean when it comes to game mechanics? Can the player create within your game, or are you guiding them through an emotive narrative? Get your creative juices flowing and be as abstract as you want with the word, we want to see your imagination shine through.

Daily Livestreams

Join Side Quest on Twitch for the duration of the jam to hear from women in the games industry discuss game design, development, careers, and more. You’ll learn invaluable lessons and skills to develop your own skills in the games industry.

our Community

Side Quest is a thousand-strong community of fellow game developers of all abilities who are always on hand to support, team up, and offer feedback. Join our community on Discord.

The theme

We have chosen 'Motherhood'. How you interpret that is up to you, we will be looking for the most imaginative realisations of the theme when we decide on a winner.


Your creations will be celebrated and shared at the annual Women in Games conference this September, where hundreds of senior games industry professionals will see your work.

How to join?
Deadline September 7th 23:59 (BST)

Secure your place in the Side Quest X Women in Games jam and be kept up to date with all the information including software, streams, and more.

Women in Games and Sledgehammer Games will be judging entries for the 2020 Jam. We will have awards and prizes for the following categories;

BEST OVERALL GAME (Over 18 years old)
BEST OVERALL GAME (Under 18 years old)

Frequently Asked Questions
How does this work?

Register here and get updated throughout the jam with links to our livestream career and game dev talks on the Side Quest Twitch channel, taking you through various roles in the games industry with speakers from Women in Games. The sessions will explore the huge diversity of games industry careers available. Ever wondered exactly what a Sound Designer does? Want to know how you can get your first job in the Marketing team at a games studio? Ask industry professionals your burning questions live as they talk through their amazing careers in games.

On the Side Quest Discord, you can discuss the daily activities with members of the community and get support. At the end of the weeks, you will have a completed game which you can upload to the Side Quest for others to play.

All completed games will be showcased at the Annual Women in Games Conference September 11 – 12. They will be watched and played by hundreds of senior games industry professionals, with winners awarded a number of categories.
WHY is this free?
Side Quest is a national game-making community for budding game developers to learn how to make their very own video games. We are run by Into Games, a non-profit organisation that helps people find rewarding careers in the games industry. Into Games and Women in Games both believe games education should be more accessible, these game jams allow us to work towards that!
Side Quest is open to anyone over the age of 13 and from all over the world. You can be a game making proffessional or a total noob, their is a lot of support available no matter your level.
Side Quest games jams are completely free!
No! Side Quest is for anyone interested in game development, whether you're a novice or a pro. Our supportive Discord community will be on hand to give advice and feedback, as well as team up on your first collaborative game development project.
Head over to the Side Quest X Women in Games Eventbrite now to secure your place.
I have more questions. Who do I ask?
Send an email to or join the Side Quest Discord Server here to talk to our community!