Need help getting started? Access exclusive tutorials, paper prototyping materials, and links to free sounds and graphics that you can use in your games.

Prototyping pack

All game ideas start with pen and paper, and the Side Quest Prototyping Pack will take you through creating a unique game idea without the need for a computer. Even if you are using a digital tool, pen and paper challenges like these are great for developing creative ideas, so make sure to download them.


You can use any game making tool to take part in Side Quest, but if you are just starting out, we recommend using GameMaker Studio 2. It’s perfect for beginners and we’ve created a range of simple GameMaker tutorials with Sumo Digital to get you started. Once you have GameMaker 2 downloaded from here you will need to join our Discord community to get the activation code to use the software, restriction free, for 1 month. Then come back here, download the worksheets and tutorial game assets (link underneath the video) and watch the video so you know the basics and can start joining in with our bi-weekly quests!

Other Free Resources

Head to for a comprehensive list of free sounds, graphics and tools you can use to get you started making games.