I’ve never made a videogame before - is Side Quest for me?

Yes - with easy to follow steps to developing your first game, including a pen and paper prototyping pack and guided GameMaker Studio 2 tutorials, even someone with no experience will be able to develop their own game in just one week!

Is Side Quest just for beginners?

No of course not! If you’re a novice, amateur or pro game developer, game jam challenges are the perfect way to hone your development skills, think outside of the box, and experiment with new techniques. There will also be expert tutorials developed by major UK games studios so you can find out how your favourite studio makes their games!

I don’t have a computer at home - can I still join Side Quest?

Yes! The Side Quest prototyping pack will take you through the full game development journey from concept, through production, and into pitching your final game - you only need a pen and paper to join! If you follow the Twitch channel you will be able to complete your challenge pack alongside some of the most talented game developers in the UK! Make sure to upload your finished activities to the Discord server as you may find a partner willing to make your game next week, or have your work celebrated on the Side Quest website!

I am a parent/teacher looking for more information - is Side Quest educational?

Yes! Side Quest consists of weekly games design challenges and an interactive livestream for young people to troubleshoot, ask questions and get advice, as well as a moderated forum for peer review and feedback. Members will be challenged in their computer science, creative writing, art, music and communications skills over five fun and engaging sessions! You can download our curriculum mapped activity sheets as well as other helpful resources by clicking here.

What is GameMaker Studio 2?

GameMaker Studio 2 is a digital tool for computers used to build videogames. We have partnered with the makers YoYo Games as we think it's the best and easiest way to make your first game, without the need for complicated coding experience.

To find out more about GameMaker Studio 2 and whether your computer is able to run the program, follow this link.

YoYo Games have offered all Side Questers a totally free license for the software until 31st August 2020 - so that they can create and upload their first game projects for free, and will offer any returning members a full license at a discounted price.

I have a question about Side Quest that isn’t answered here, what do I do?

Contact one of the administrators on the Discord server - they are always happy to help!

I’ve never used Discord before, what is it?

Discord is an easy to use community messaging platform of which Side Quest has its own “server” or channel. On the Side Quest server will be information about the upcoming challenges, a place to team up, discuss ideas and get feedback, as well as get support and have your queries answered by the Side Quest moderators and admins.

I’ve never used Twitch before, what is it?

Twitch is a video streaming platform - which means that the “streamer” (the person recording their video) is broadcasting live to an audience. When a games industry professional streams their workshop over the Side Quest Twitch channel, you will be able to ask questions to them directly and interact with other Side Quest members too.

I’ve never heard of itch.io before, what is it for?

itch.io is a website for independent game developers to upload their finished projects for other people to play - it’s also where we host the Side Quest weekly challenge, which means that when you upload your game, it will be played by many other Side Quest members as well as gamers all over the world!

How should I behave while participating in Side Quest?

Visit the Side Quest discord server or access the Code of Conduct directly here