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Stuck indoors? Design your own video game through practical quests delivered by some of the UK’s biggest games studios, with live masterclasses, free software and a supportive online community.


How it works

Side Quest is for anyone that builds or wants to build games. Never made a game before? Get your paper Prototyping Pack, free copy of GameMaker Studio 2 and tutorials here.  

Ready to go? Join our Discord community for next steps and watch our daily live streams from industry professionals guiding you through the game-making process.

Once you’re done, submit your finished games at the end of the week to see them shared and played around the world while building your portfolio of work.

Side Quest will always be 100% free ❤️

  • Build a game in 7+ days.
  • A new quest theme from the UK’s biggest game studios every 2 weeks.
  • No powerful computer or coding required.
  • Live weekly streamed masterclasses from industry professionals.

Current quest


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Side Quest #6 will be hosted by Global Game Jam Next - the worldwide game-making event for young people aged 12-17

From 13th-24th July, Into Games will be partnering with GGJN as part of Side Quest #6 - meaning our regular livestreams, fortnightly jam, and Discord community will be available to all UK Global Game Jam Next participants!
Global Game Jam Next is a global game-making event that brings 12-17 year olds all over the world together as part of a two week challenge to build exciting and innovative games.
Whether that be a video game, board game, or any kind of game you can imagine, Global Game Jam Next is all about creating new and inventive ideas.
Want to get involved? Join the itch.io then check out the GGJN website for more information about how to get started - then join the Side Quest Discord to start speaking to the community

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If you have never made a game before, see our resources section for first steps

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